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Massage by Sarai

Started with a vision to make massage therapy affordable to all. We believe your health and wellness shouldn't come at the price of you pocket book.

Our goal is to bring you information on various holistic ways to heal your body, mind and spirit. We specialize in massage therapy, but our passion is in the way Mother Nature has provided us with natural healing remedies.  You will be able to find everything from healing with herbs, essential oils, and even crystals.  Metaphysical healing has powerful benefits as well. We will cover balancing chakra's, protecting your subtle energy bodies, and cleansing yourself from negative energy.

Of course we will also teach you self massage techniques. You will learn where acupressure and reflexology points are in your body, feet and face. As well as stretching and strengthening techniques to help keep your body in balance.  Massage by Sarai is a big advocate for yoga and pilates.

Everything listed above can help with all kinds of chronic issues. Whether you get headaches and migraines, have a cough, or are just plain stressed out. There's not much mother nature can't help to heal. We hope you enjoy the information and tools we have collected to help you on your healing journey in life.

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Yoga is Amazing!

Learn about all the health benefits doing yoga can give you.